The Medical House Limited (TMHL) was formed in January 2016 as a complete healthcare solution provider dealing with quality products of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, medical equipment, hospital supplies, laboratory supplies and FMCG by functioning as importer, exporter, marketer and distributor.

TMHL will be built on a reputation for quality, service, availability and affordability of products with easy organizational access and ready and reliable business principles, partners and suppliers.

The founding directors of the company have mixed blend of expertise in the field of business; in formulations of pharmaceutical, medical supplies, medical equipment, hospital supplies, laboratory supplies & FMCG with marketing, sales and business administration.

TMHL is mainly into imports of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, medical equipment, hospital supplies, laboratory supplies & FMCG from multi continent manufacturers to the valued customers in Tanzania and for exports.


To become a leading medical house, providing a one-stop centre for Health Care, i.e. Pharmaceutical, Medical Supplies, Medical Equipment, Hospital Supplies and Laboratory Supplies in Tanzania and beyond.


To deliver high quality and timely services to Customers and Partners through the provision of efficient and effective systems and processes in a cost-effective manner.


The Medical House Limited is being managed by a team of qualified personnel and training in management, pharmacy, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, medical supplies, medical devices, hospital supplies & laboratory supplies with sales, marketing, accounting, finance, warehousing, distribution and information technology among others.

Our Core Values

Medical Fraternity

Given the humanitarian nature of our work, we respect, appreciate and unconditionally support the work of medical professionals dedicated to the saving of life and wellbeing of the people.

Ethical Business & Legal Compliance

The Company culture is to adhere to international best practices, ethical principles, implementing the best corporate governance practices and moral standards in all our dealings. The Company’s policy is to comply with all statutory and applicable laws, regulations and ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

Dedication and Team-oriented

In order to deliver on the commitments we have made, our team believes in dedication and sacrifice, working as one team, aligned on the business principles and systems established for that purpose.


Our Staff work in a transparent and open manner with all our Stakeholders and uphold ethical standards of integrity.

Customer Focused

The Company exists because of its Customers and utmost care is taken to ensure our Customers experience our proactive approach, support and response to their needs at all times.

Accessible and Affordable

Although the Company has made its plans on a business premise, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ensures that its products and services are accessible (placement) and affordable (pricing) to all business partners irrespective of the distance.


The provision of medical services is a very sensitive sector and the Company does not compromise on quality and timely delivery of such services especially during critical times as in emergencies, shortages of medical supplies etc.

TMHL has quickly ascended to becoming one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Tanzania. Some of our largest customers and primary focus in the pharmaceutical industry includes;

  • Medical Stores Department (MSD) (Government of Tanzania).
  • Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) & Muhimbili Orthopeadic Institute (MOI).
  • Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) & Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC).
  • Government Hospitals at Regional and District Levels.
  • Tanzania Red Cross Society Ltd, Marie Stopes Tanzania, Management & Development for Health (MDH) and similar Organizations in the Health Sector.
  • Private Hospitals, Dispensaries, Health Centers, Registered Retail & Wholesale Pharmacies.
  • Mission Hospitals / Dispensaries / Health Centers & Registered NGO’s.

TMHL is currently in the process of expanding its reach by following its vision of not only being a pharmaceutical supplier, but also, being a top provider of medical equipment, devices, hospital and laboratory supplies, and its related services.

TMHL has recently launched its new segment which covers importation, marketing, distribution and service providing of equipment for Radiology, Laboratory, Physiotherapy, Ophthalmology, Urology, Nephrology, OT and ICU departments.


TMHL was founded on the principles of timely service, introduction of innovative and lifesaving drugs and equipment at affordable rates which was lacking in the market. This was the sole reason for the quick growth of the company. Another USP of TMHL is the expertise it boasts by having professionals handling the different individual business units. This ensures that the customer needs are addressed by an expert in the product division they require.