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When most people think of franchising they think of the traditional commercial or business format franchises, such as a fast-food chain (McDonald's or Subway), a hotel chain (Best Western), an automobile service (Hertz), or a furniture business (Danube). Hardly does it cross the mind of the average consumer that professional services – including health care services – are franchised, nor that some of those professional services have been franchised for over 50 years.

Many arguments are made regarding the benefits and drawbacks of having a franchised business. However, The Medical House Limited would like to offer you the best of both worlds; Owning your own business, while receiving the support of a much larger organisation.

With economies of scale, The Medical House Limited will be able to ensure highly competitive pricing, a household name trusted by customers and complete operational support. The Medical House will ensure that our success is your success.

  • Setup Assistance
  • Store Design
  • Support Structure
  • Ownership & Positioning
  • Strength in Numbers

The support starts from the moment you contact The Medical House Limited, with our convenient start-up process. The start-up process is designed to help you start your new business with minimised or no barriers and the most strategic launch to market.

The Medical House team is deeply involved in every step of the set-up, from conceptualisation, site location to Dialysis Centre design in order to tailor the centre to best fit the market’s needs. Using consumer research, the centres are designed to satisfy all customer needs and alleviate any inefficiencies.

The centres will be designed in a colour scheme that best suits the healthcare industry. Your centre will be designed in the same manner that each and every franchised centre is designed. Thereby creating a uniformity and brand equity which will attract the masses.

Easily recognisable, visible exterior signage is used (at a price that conforms to budget). The interior look and feel is based on ongoing market research, and is designed to create an ambience, which encourages loyalty. We believe this will do wonders for the healthcare industry. The Medical House Dialysis Centre concept is delivered as a turnkey solution.

The key benefits of working with The Medical House is as follows;

  • Procurement of Equipment – All the equipment required for independent Dialysis Centres will be procured by The Medical House Limited. Therefore, the franchise owner need not worry about the tasks involved in scouting equipment, shortlisting, negotiating, procuring, importing etc.
  • Procurement of Uniforms & Stationery – The Medical House will design and supply all uniforms and stationeries used at the Dialysis Centres. This helps the franchise owners reduce redundancies.
  • Designing of the Centre – The Dialysis Centre will be branded as per the design scheme of The Medical House. This will make the Dialysis Centres uniform across the Country. It will also help the franchise owners alleviate the stress of having to procure furniture, design the layout, paint the facility etc.
  • Owning your own Dialysis Centre – Even though the franchise is under the brand of The Medical House Limited. The operations are run entirely by the franchise owner with little or no intervention from The Medical House. This provides the franchise owner with the feeling of having their own business with the grand equity of a global brand.
  • Maintenance of Equipment – The Medical House employs technicians who will be in charge of maintaining and repairing the equipment in a timely manner. This is an added benefit to the franchise owners who can ensure that their facility is always operating at complete efficiency.
  • New Business Opportunities – Working with The Medical House provides the franchise owners to open up dialysis centres across the country at their convenience. Existing partners will be given priority when expanding into newer markets. They will also be given priority when The Medical House expands to different segments as well.
  • Ownership – Being a franchise of The Medical House is an exciting business opportunity if you are an existing owner or looking to start a new business. The Medical House will help you manage your business to profitability. There is currently no standardised solution for Dialysis in the market which provides a huge opportunity for the franchises. The Medical House will support you from the first engagement, right through the development process, ending in the handover of a complete business and post-implementation support.
  • Positioning – The stores can be located along the lengths and breadths of Tanzania. As mentioned earlier, since there is no existing standardised solution provider, being a franchise owner of The Medical House helps owners open new Dialysis centres across the Country with the support of The Medical House. These Centres can be within an existing Hospital or Clinic, or can be opened as an independent Dialysis Centre. Opening a franchise of The Medical House, will help clients have standardised operations across the Country irrespective of location.

Prospective franchise owners must be

  • Passionate about the healthcare industry.

  • Willingness to help people.

  • Ability to implement The Medical House’s tools and business efficiencies.

  • Customer service oriented and good people management.

  • Healthcare industry experience is an added advantage.

  • A facility with a minimum area of 200 m2.

Affiliating yourself with The Medical House provides you the following benefits;

  • Brand Equity – The power of the established brand vs. an unbranded entity creates a dynamic that can achieve break-even much faster, while also accelerating and stimulating growth of more mature businesses. The saleability of the Dialysis Centre as a business is also further enhanced because of its association with a national brand.
  • Bargaining Power – This substantial backing is of assistance when there are issues with supplier support. Better pricing is also negotiated on a national level. Since most of the equipment that are required are procured solely from The Medical House, the franchise is able to obtain the devices at a much lower cost due to economies of scale.
  • Price Perception – Better price perception with the backing of a brand that advertises in print and digital media as well as on leaflets. Promotional leaflets also enhance better price perceptions.

Looking for Franchising?

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